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JR FILTERS has been founded in the year 1992 to develop and produce high technlogy air filters.

In the year 1998 our company received the certificates of ISO 9001

JR FILTERS producing company was accepted by the German government ( KBA ) which is the highest possible award which a firm can receive.

Superior filtration of JR Airfilters :

The only filters that will protect your engine against particles as small as 2.8 microns.

Remains 99% efficient.

Clean and re-use every 20 000 kilometers.









JR AIRFILTERS : their functions and their advantages

Due to the construction, 4 layers of chirurgical cotton and oil protection, the dust which is in the air, is retained outside of the filter and serve as supplementary element. More air is passing throug the filters. The power is increased and the fuel consumption reduced. The filters are washable, that means they are always reusable: No more change and no recycling. JR Filters grants lifetime guaranty to the first owner.

JR Airfilters can be used for other applications where clean air is necessary:

 - Replacement  filters and induction kits for cars, special filters for car manufacturers and tuners, filters for old model cars.

 -  Filters for radio control racing cars

 -  Filters for aeroplanes

 -  Filters for vessels

 -  Filters for industry

 -  Filters for trucks

 -  Bolt-on for carburettors

 -  Universal filters

 -  Direct kits

 -  Universal air boxes

 -  Cabin air filters in active carbon which stop noxious fumes, dust and pollens. Not washable and replacement every 10 000 kms.



Others products



To increase power and torque , JR has developped and produced:

-          Additional box TURBO POWER JR   for Turbo Diesel engine with injection system controlled electronically.

-          TORNADO is stainless steel non-moving device that inserts into the intake hose on fuel-injected vehicles and inside the air filter housing on carbureted vehicles. It creates a vortex which improved airflow into the engine’s combustion chamber. As a result it increases fuel economy, horsepower and torque.


JR Suspension


We can offer the following types:

 -  JR SPRINGS for car lowering compatible with the original shock absorbers. Almost all our springs are homologated by the TÜV.

 -  Kit JR TOURISME ( shorter springs and shock absorbers )

 -  Kit JR SPORT ( shorter springs and shock absorbers )

 -  Kit JR ADJUSTABLE ( springs and shock absorbers ). The car can be lowered from 20 to 80 mm.

JR-Air filter

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